KJS Cement is produced by using the latest technology of Cement manufacturing process i.e. PRR Technology.

This technology helps in dynamic dosing of fly-ash in cement manufacturing process. Properly selected fly-ash is blended uniformly and intimately with clinker during cement grinding process to achieve higher fineness that ensures high early & 28 days strength.

Proportion and the reactivity of fly-ash ensures optimum hydration characteristic of cement leading to achievement of sustained strength & durability of concrete structures even in adverse environmental conditions.

KJS brand is available in the states of Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. A strong network of 2500+ dealers & retailers supported by a strong marketing team of 100 officers and well- equipped team of 150 Technical Support Officers are serving the consumers.

KJS Concrete Master Cement

KJS Cement has recently launched a premium brand with Moderate Sulphate Resisting Properties – KJS Concrete Master Cement specially designed for critical applications like Slab Casting, Foundation & Columns. The cement has high initial & final strength, optimum fineness and features like making impervious concrete even under moderate aggressive conditions of soil and underground water.

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