Conservation Efforts

(a) Conservations of Minerals:

(i) Utilization of low quality lime stone:

Limestone is being used for manufacturing of cement by proper blending of different grade of limestone for preparation of proper raw mix design which produced a good quality of cement. The raw mix design is being prepared in such a way that it reduces the limestone stone saturation factor by which substantial quality of limestone has been conserved by use of shale & low quality limestone.

(ii) Utilization of fly ash for the manufacturing of cement:

We are producing 90% of Portland Pozollona Cement, which directly reduces the raising of limestone from mines. By reduction in consumption of limestone in cement manufacturing process it leads to reduction of fossil fuel consumption and ultimately reduce the generation quantity of different pollutant like suspended particulate matter, emission of SOX and NOX, fugitive emission from various stages of handling of limestone (From drilling to grinding stages). Substantial quantity of electrical and thermal energy is also saved.

We have one Captive Power Plants having capacity of 27 MW which generate approx 220  Ton of fly ash per day. The generated fly ash is being stored in closed concrete silo from where it is being utilized for manufacturing of PPC cement. Apart from this we are also consuming fly ash for PPC cement manufacturing which is beng sourced from the different thermal power plants and being transported in closed tankers and directly fed into the cement grinding through pneumatic feeding system.

(b). Water Conservation

We are having garland drains for collection of rain water also reservoirs for collection & storage of rain water. This harvested rain water is stored in our own mines pit. We are having three mines pit. Rain water collected is stored in these pits from where water for cement manufacturing process and cooling purpose is taken. These pits also help in charging of ground water table of surrounding areas.

The capacity of reservoir is around 1700000 Cubic meter. Thequantity of water collected in mines pits by the end of March 2016 is as mentioned under:

Name of Mines Available water quantity Total
(iii)South bhadhanpurpatti
1653090 m3 1700000C.u.m 1400.3

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