Environment Management

Air Pollution control Management
KJS Cement limited has installed & operating Air pollution control equipment of state –of-the art technology to meet the stringent norms of 30 mg/Nm3 from all the stacks of Cement Plant. The list of major Pollution Control Devices installed is as mentioned under:-

S.no. Section APCE Installed Stack Height in meter Guaranteed Outlet Emission in mg/Nm3 Efficiency
1 Raw Mill/Kiln Bag House 142 30 99.99%
2 Cooler ESP 51 30 99.98%
3 Coal Mill Bag House 142 30 99.99%
4 Cement Mill Bag house 55 30 99.99%
5 CPP ESP 90 50 99.98%

In addition, efforts have been taken to arrest the fugitive emission from material handling:

(i) 55 Nos of Bag filters have been installed at different transfer points.
(ii) All the internal roads have been concreted.
(iii) Regular water sprinkling through tankers is being done
(iv) Regular sweeping of the roads is done.
(v) Around 102000 Plants of different species has been planted.
(vi) Wet drilling method is adopted for drilling of blasting holes.
(vii) Raw Coal is stored in covered shed
(viii) Clinker and cement is stored in the silos
(ix) Iron ore & gypsum is stored in covered shed.
(x) Fly ash in unloaded pneumatically in fly ash silo

Water pollution Control Management:
At KJS Cement plant, cement is produced through dry process method therefore effluent generation from plant is nil. For domestic waste water management we are having Sewage Treatment plant of State-of the art Technology of capacity 850 KLD which comprises following units:-

  • Collection Tanks
  • Aerating blowers
  • Aeration Tank
  • Clarifiers
  • Duel Media Filter
  • Chlorine dosing tank

The generated sewage from different parts of colony is collected in raw sewage tank at STP where blowing is done for homogenization of raw sewage water. This homogenized sewage water come to aeration tank for sufficient aeration of sewage water and then conveyed to clarifier where suspended particle is separated from raw sewage through mechanical clarification system. After that clarified water is collected in intermediate holding tank for chlorine dosing and sludge settled at the bottom of clarifier is transported to sludge drying beds. Now the water from the intermediate tank is passed through duel media filter and ultimately collected in the holding tank. The treated domestic water is used for horticulture & dust suppression purpose in plant &mine area .Zero discharge practiceis adopted.


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