Environmental Monitoring

In KJS cement plant there is aseparate environmental cell which looks after all the matters related to environmental management & monitoring. Two Nos of Continuous Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Stations have been installed which are connected to the server of Central Pollution Control Board as well as M.P.Pollution control Board. Real time monitoring data is being transmitted from these stations to MPPCB&CPCB. Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems have been also installed at different main stacks. Data of these stacks are being also transmitted to MPPCB & CPCB on real time basis.

In addition to above monitoring arrangement KJS cement is having a full fledge environmental lab to monitor all the Air & Water Pollutants:

Detail of Monitoring Equipment:

S. No. Name of Equipment No. of Equipment
A. Ambient Air Quality Monitoring
1 Combo PM10 & PM2.5 Sampler 5
2 High Volume Sampler (HVS) 3
B. Stack Monitoring
1 Stack Monitoring Kit 2
C. Workplace Monitoring
1 Sound Level Meter 2
2 Personal SamplerEcotech IAS-001 1
D. Water Quality Monitoring
1 Spectrophotometer (Spectronic200 -Thermofisher) 1
2 BOD incubator 1
3 BOD Bottles (Digital indicator) 6
4 COD Digester 1
5 Tri-meter (pH, DO, Conductivity) 1
6 Multi – V (pH, DO, Conductivity, Temp. & TDS) 1